Ensuring Safe Neighborhoods

Every Baltimore City and Maryland resident deserves to thrive in safe communities. Maryland has been a leader in tackling crime, while investing in restorative justice to decrease rates of recidivism. We must commit to increasing accountability within the criminal justice system, inter-agency coordination, and data-driven approaches that prevent crime.

Legislative Wins

Increased funding for targeted, data-driven violence intervention and prevention programming that decrease gun violence and support Safe Streets initiatives.

Required background checks for all purchases and permanent transfers of long guns in Maryland.

Eased the prosecution of witness intimidation for cases involving crimes of violence or certain felony drug crimes.

Created a statewide crime plan to coordinate State resources and ensure interagency communications and intelligence sharing.

Expanded educational and vocational training opportunities for individuals re-entering society to minimize recidivism.

Increased trust in police work by establishing a use of force policy and promoting the well-being of officers through access to mental health services.

News in Safe Neighborhoods

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