Amid surplus, Hogan pitches budget plan to incoming governor

Senate President Bill Ferguson, a Baltimore Democrat, noted after the committee’s vote that the state has maintained its Triple-A bond rating, which he described as “an unequivocal acknowledgement by fiscal experts that the budgets enacted by the General Assembly are fiscally responsible.”

“In the Legislature, we know how to be pragmatic, and we know how to spend responsibly while balancing our state’s most essential needs,” Ferguson said.


First Black chair of Maryland’s Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee uses art to correct history

“I can think of no better fighter for jurisprudence and racial equality than former Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall,” said Maryland Senate President Bill Ferguson (D-MD-46). “His legacy as the first African American Justice on our land’s highest court will be an ever-present reminder to all who pass through the halls of the Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee.”


Maryland’s $3.8 billion education reform plan embraces community schools

Their dreams are encapsuled in the Blueprint Act, which comes with a big price tag, increasing educational funding to $3.8-billion a year by 2030. Senate President Bill Ferguson (D-Baltimore City), a former teacher who helped craft the new law, told Maryland Matters that community schools offer a beacon for the future.


In suburban Md., Dems bet abortion outrage can flip a state Senate seat

Democratic power brokers, including Senate President Bill Ferguson (D-Baltimore City), took notice of her campaign and started helping. “She’s someone that resonates as common sense, practical,” Ferguson said, calling Gile “a phenomenal candidate” who “has demonstrated a willingness to work.”


A handful of states are headed to one-party rule — and its drama

“I don’t think we should be governing from a place of fear of ‘what if things go wrong,’” Bill Ferguson, the Maryland Senate president, said in an interview. “I think we should be governing from a place of saying now it’s our opportunity to do what’s right.”


Abundance of entertainment, dining coming to Baltimore’s newly-named Walk at Warner Street

“We have a world class casino, an unbelievable Topgolf facility coming from out of the ground, and Paramount,” Maryland Senate President Bill Ferguson said. “This will be an incredible entertainment district thoroughfare, walking way between the stadium and the casino. We are going to see unbelievable investment in this part of the city.”


H7 retention pond ready to mitigate Ellicott City flooding, officials say

The completion of a huge retention pond comprises one of the largest components of the seven main Ellicott City flood-mitigation projects… “This hole in the ground that was purposely designed and built will save people’s lives,” Senate President Bill Ferguson said.


How a developer’s re-imagining of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is getting a $67.5 million boost from state taxpayers

“When there is the overhead view of Sunday Night Football [in] Baltimore, what is shown is that: Harborplace, Inner Harbor, public assets that are there,” Ferguson said. “It is our city’s cultural image for the downtown and I think there’s no city that has a failing downtown and a thriving uptown. It just doesn’t work.”


‘People cannot continue to feel unsafe:’ Senate president seeks to reassure Little Italy

Maryland Senate President Bill Ferguson was back in Little Italy Tuesday night, after last month’s announcement with Gov. Larry Hogan on the security upgrades and investment funding for the neighborhood. Residents were pleased with Ferguson’s return while others were critical of the city’s response to the rise in crime.


Ferguson and Jones offer preview of issues General Assembly will tackle in 2023

During a Greater Washington Board of Trade forum, Ferguson identified mental health, transportation and workforce development as likely priorities for the legislature. He also said the new wave of state leaders need to pay careful attention to the learning and social deficits created by the pandemic.


‘People line up way before daybreak’: Md. commits to major upgrades of popular state parks

Ferguson set up a study group which led to the passage of the Maryland Great Outdoors Act which will send $162 million to the parks for repairs, expansion and increased staffing.

“It is putting the state’s largest historical investment in state parks in this state’s history; it is a remarkable, remarkable thing,” says the Senate President, a Democrat from Baltimore.


With an eye toward the next four years, Ferguson raises money aggressively for himself and his colleagues

Armed with this momentum, Ferguson said he is confident that Senate Democrats can protect their most vulnerable incumbents in the fall, and target a few Republican-held seats to build on their 32-15 supermajority.


State lawmakers schedule hearing on stolen benefits & SNAP enrollment issues

“Thank you for your coverage of this issue. I think it has been unfortunately one of the undertold stories of what we are seeing happen as part of the post-pandemic,” Ferguson said. “What we know is that these are the most vulnerable families in Maryland and it’s unacceptable what we are seeing happen with their benefit acquisition and the money stolen from them. We should be doing more events like this targeting our low and moderate income families, less hearings required for what it seems like government has failed to uphold its end of the bargain to make sure those who need it get what they need to survive.”


Senate President Bill Ferguson, other lawmakers back Ivan Bates for city state’s attorney

Ferguson, who represents part of the city, said Baltimore needs “the right partner” to help create safer communities.

“We are at a very critical time for the city of Baltimore,” Ferguson said. “It is everyone’s responsibility to find a way to create a safe community. At the end of the day, the state’s attorney is the administrator of the largest law firm in the city.”


Maryland lawmakers could change gun law after Supreme Court’s ruling

Maryland House Speaker Adrienne A. Jones (D-Baltimore County) and Senate President Bill Ferguson (D-Baltimore City) said in a joint statement that they would be reviewing the opinion but called universal concealed carry the “wrong answer” to address gun violence.

“We will be reviewing the opinion and, if necessary, pass legislation that protects Marylanders and complies with this brand-new precedent,” they wrote.


Wes Moore endorsed by two top Baltimore-area elected officials

Former nonprofit chief and best-selling author Wes Moore on Tuesday picked up support from state Senate President Bill Ferguson (D-Baltimore City) and U.S. Rep. Kweisi Mfume (D-Md.), two influential leaders in the Baltimore region, in his quest to become Maryland’s next governor.


At Bill Signing, Top Leaders Celebrate Capital Budget, New Health Care and Public Safety Laws

“This is a very big deal,” said Ferguson. “It is the single biggest job-creating piece of legislation that we will jointly sign, and it was a true honor and pleasure … to enact a job creation capital budget that was mutually agreed upon and is an incredible incredible investment in the people of Maryland and our infrastructure.”


State officials secure more than $155 million to revamp Inner Harbor area

State officials agreed major cities require a thriving downtown which is why more than $155 million will be dedicated to renovating the area by creating attractions to draw people back to what the harbor once was.


Court of Appeals Upholds Legislative Map Passed by General Assembly

In a joint statement, House Speaker Adrienne A. Jones (D-Baltimore County) and Senate President Bill Ferguson (D-Baltimore City) praised the Court of Appeals for “recognizing the General Assembly followed the Maryland and U.S. Constitutions when drawing a new state map… Additionally, we are pleased that candidates, voters and election officials can begin preparing for the July 19 primary election,” Jones and Ferguson wrote. “Democracy has been well served today.”


‘Largest tax cut package in state history’: Who will benefit from $1.86B plan in Maryland

Senate President Bill Ferguson and House Speaker Adrienne Jones, who are both Democrats, also praised the bipartisan nature of the agreement.

“The last two years of the pandemic have shown the cracks in our state’s civic infrastructure,” Ferguson, of Baltimore, said. “As I’ve said since the beginning of the 2022 legislative session, everything we do must prioritize our state’s economy and the health of our residents.”


Maryland juvenile justice reform bill passes state Senate

The Maryland Senate passed a substantial juvenile justice reform measure Monday as lawmakers reached a milestone day in their 90-day session with three weeks left.


Maryland Lawmakers Fast-Track Bill To Halt Collection Of Gas Tax

“Got the bill drafted overnight,” Ferguson said. “It was introduced this morning, and we’re gonna act incredibly quickly to be able to make this emergency measure to enact it as quickly as possible.”


Maryland climate bill passes major hurdle in Senate

The legislation is designed to reduce Maryland’s carbon footprint 60% by 2030 and to zero in 2045. To accomplish that, the bill calls for a 30% reduction in greenhouse gases by increasing state reliance on clean energy, replacing the state vehicle fleet with electric cars, building net-neutral schools and retrofitting large buildings.


Invasion of Ukraine prompts Md. leaders to renounce, end Sister State status with Russia

Maryland Senate President Bill Ferguson (D) on Monday called on Gov. Larry Hogan (R) to renounce the Sister State status between Maryland and St. Petersburg of the Leningrad region of Russia, saying Russia’s government should not be legitimized during the Ukraine conflict.


University of Maryland Ranks in Top 10 in Research Funds

The MPowering the State (MPower) partnership — made possible by the late Sen. Thomas V. “Mike” Miller, Gov. Larry Hogan, Sen. Bill Ferguson, and the Maryland General Assembly — paved the way for this recognition.


Senate President Bill Ferguson on Maryland’s new congressional map

Senate President Bill Ferguson (D-Baltimore City), who created the LRAC map, talks about the new congressional boundaries that were approved and why he didn’t agree with the map formed by the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission, a group appointed by Governor Larry Hogan (R).

Maryland Matters

Democratic policymakers alarmed by Texas abortion law, ponder legislative protections in Maryland

Maryland policymakers are weighing legal and legislative action to protect abortion access in light of the enactment of a Texas state law that prohibits abortions as early as six weeks — often before people know they’re pregnant.

Maryland Matters

‘Deep Loss’: Maryland surpasses 10,000 COVID-19 deaths

Senate President Bill Ferguson (D-Baltimore City) called Maryland’s death toll a “deep loss.” Senate President Bill Ferguson. Photo by Danielle Gaines. I, along with the entire Senate of Maryland send our most heartfelt sympathies to every friend and family member who has had to endure without their loved one by their side, due to this pandemic,” he said in a statement.


Masks required effective immediately inside all Maryland public schools

This measure, which the Senate called for weeks ago, comes at a time when school has already begun across the state and the protection of our children needs to remain our top priority. We know mask wearing helps slow the spread of COVID-19 and my goal has been to keep as many kids learning in school as possible.


Md. senators call on state education board to issue universal masking mandate

State senators sent a letter to the Maryland State Board of Education Wednesday ahead of its hastily-scheduled meeting Thursday, imploring board members to issue an emergency regulation requiring a universal masking mandate for students and teachers across the state.

Maryland Matters

New Commission Will Study Md. State Parks As Visits Soared During Pandemic

Senate President Bill Ferguson (D-Baltimore City) and House Speaker Adrienne A. Jones (D-Baltimore County) announced the creation of the State Park Investment Commission on Friday, which will make recommendations on the need for new parks in “recreational deserts” and whether existing parks are accessible to certain populations such as those who do not have a car or are low-income. 

Maryland Matters

General Assembly 2021: Winners and Losers

[Senate President Bill Ferguson is] proving to be a high-energy and collaborative presiding officer who is slowly steering his chamber to the left and relying on a talented array of lieutenants to move it there, sharing the credit for the Senate’s accomplishments with as many members as he can. He may not have as much control of the Senate chamber as the speaker does of hers — but then, he doesn’t have to.”

The Baltimore Sun

General Assembly 2021: A surprisingly big year in Maryland | COMMENTARY

From overturning Governor Hogan’s blueprint veto and putting the state on a path to higher performing public schools, to dispensing billions of dollars in federal pandemic relief and moving forward with police reform at a particularly opportune moment in this nation’s history, the General Assembly outperformed expectations for even a non-pandemic year. 

Maryland Matters

As policing bills hit the floor, senators reflect on a difficult legislative process

After months of work, a series of bills seeking to provide sweeping change to policing in Maryland was presented on the Senate floor Friday afternoon.

Maryland Matters

Senate President seeks to enhance State Ed. Board to prepare for Blueprint reforms

Senate President Bill Ferguson (D-Baltimore City) presented an emergency bill Thursday that would tighten the qualifications for state school board members so that as a whole, the board must have expertise in: antiracism and equity frameworks to make systemic change possible; students with disabilities; multilingual instruction; programs that enhance socioeconomic and demographic diversity in public schools; and implementing innovative education reform.

Maryland Matters

Jones and Ferguson to require racial impact statements in bill analyses

Undoing issues of systemic inequity requires us to develop intentional strategies for measuring and combating disparate impacts. This is an important step forward, and it will provide a more holistic picture of the effect of legislation proposed and debated by the General Assembly.

CBS Baltimore

Maryland Senate President Bill Ferguson forms oversight panel on vaccine rollout

Senate President Bill Ferguson, a Baltimore Democrat, said the Senate would consider not confirming Gov. Larry Hogan’s nominee to lead the state health department, based on the current performance of the state’s vaccine rollout. Hogan nominated Dennis Schrader to the position last week. Ferguson said Maryland has global leaders in public health and should be doing better in making the vaccine available.

Maryland Matters

Jones and Ferguson say police reform, COVID’s wrath top legislative agenda

Both presiding officers said mitigating the public health and economic devastation brought on by COVID-19 would be their top priority. Ferguson said the pandemic has been especially damaging to poor families ― specifically the 30% of the population at the bottom of the economic pyramid. Ninety percent of workers at the most risk of contracting the coronavirus earn $17 an hour or less.

The Baltimore Sun

4 things to know about Bill Ferguson, the next Maryland Senate president

Bill Ferguson was unanimously selected by Maryland’s Democratic senators as their nominee for the next Senate president. He is expected to succeed longtime Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr., who is battling cancer and stepping down as president, when the General Assembly convenes its next session in January. Here are four things to know about Ferguson.

The Washington Post

Teach for America to senate president: Ferguson step into biggest role yet

It’s difficult to pinpoint when Sen. Bill Ferguson’s frustration with inequality in schools became the driving force of his professional life. But a good place to start would be 2005, inside his Teach for America classroom in Baltimore, the room with a broken doorknob.

Maryland Matters

Man in the news: Bill Ferguson

Baltimore City’s Bill Ferguson entered the Senate as a 27-year-old giant killer in 2011 – and his trajectory to the top job in the chamber has been every bit as extraordinary.

Maryland Matters

A changing of the guard – and the senate culture

In selecting Bill Ferguson of Baltimore City to replace Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. of Calvert County as president of the state Senate on Thursday, the chamber’s Democrats are turning to a man universally described as a “thoughtful,” policy-focused lawmaker, one who will take seriously his responsibility to lead, listen to and represent a diverse group of legislators.