Maryland’s $3.8 billion education reform plan embraces community schools

Their dreams are encapsuled in the Blueprint Act, which comes with a big price tag, increasing educational funding to $3.8-billion a year by 2030. Senate President Bill Ferguson (D-Baltimore City), a former teacher who helped craft the new law, told Maryland Matters that community schools offer a beacon for the future.

In suburban Md., Dems bet abortion outrage can flip a state Senate seat

Democratic power brokers, including Senate President Bill Ferguson (D-Baltimore City), took notice of her campaign and started helping. “She’s someone that resonates as common sense, practical,” Ferguson said, calling Gile “a phenomenal candidate” who “has demonstrated a willingness to work.”

Abundance of entertainment, dining coming to Baltimore’s newly-named Walk at Warner Street

“We have a world class casino, an unbelievable Topgolf facility coming from out of the ground, and Paramount,” Maryland Senate President Bill Ferguson said. “This will be an incredible entertainment district thoroughfare, walking way between the stadium and the casino. We are going to see unbelievable investment in this part of the city.”

How a developer’s re-imagining of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is getting a $67.5 million boost from state taxpayers

“When there is the overhead view of Sunday Night Football [in] Baltimore, what is shown is that: Harborplace, Inner Harbor, public assets that are there,” Ferguson said. “It is our city’s cultural image for the downtown and I think there’s no city that has a failing downtown and a thriving uptown. It just doesn’t work.”

‘People cannot continue to feel unsafe:’ Senate president seeks to reassure Little Italy

Maryland Senate President Bill Ferguson was back in Little Italy Tuesday night, after last month’s announcement with Gov. Larry Hogan on the security upgrades and investment funding for the neighborhood. Residents were pleased with Ferguson’s return while others were critical of the city’s response to the rise in crime.

Ferguson and Jones offer preview of issues General Assembly will tackle in 2023

During a Greater Washington Board of Trade forum, Ferguson identified mental health, transportation and workforce development as likely priorities for the legislature. He also said the new wave of state leaders need to pay careful attention to the learning and social deficits created by the pandemic.

‘People line up way before daybreak’: Md. commits to major upgrades of popular state parks

Ferguson set up a study group which led to the passage of the Maryland Great Outdoors Act which will send $162 million to the parks for repairs, expansion and increased staffing. “It is putting the state’s largest historical investment in state parks in this state’s history; it is a remarkable, remarkable thing,” says the Senate…

With an eye toward the next four years, Ferguson raises money aggressively for himself and his colleagues

Armed with this momentum, Ferguson said he is confident that Senate Democrats can protect their most vulnerable incumbents in the fall, and target a few Republican-held seats to build on their 32-15 supermajority.