Senate President Bill Ferguson on Maryland’s new congressional map

Senate President Bill Ferguson (D-Baltimore City), who created the LRAC map, talks about the new congressional boundaries that were approved and why he didn’t agree with the map formed by the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission, a group appointed by Governor Larry Hogan (R).

Democratic policymakers alarmed by Texas abortion law, ponder legislative protections in Maryland

Maryland policymakers are weighing legal and legislative action to protect abortion access in light of the enactment of a Texas state law that prohibits abortions as early as six weeks — often before people know they’re pregnant.

‘Deep Loss’: Maryland surpasses 10,000 COVID-19 deaths

Senate President Bill Ferguson (D-Baltimore City) called Maryland’s death toll a “deep loss.” Senate President Bill Ferguson. Photo by Danielle Gaines. I, along with the entire Senate of Maryland send our most heartfelt sympathies to every friend and family member who has had to endure without their loved one by their side, due to this pandemic,” he…

Masks required effective immediately inside all Maryland public schools

This measure, which the Senate called for weeks ago, comes at a time when school has already begun across the state and the protection of our children needs to remain our top priority. We know mask wearing helps slow the spread of COVID-19 and my goal has been to keep as many kids learning in…

New Commission Will Study Md. State Parks As Visits Soared During Pandemic

Senate President Bill Ferguson (D-Baltimore City) and House Speaker Adrienne A. Jones (D-Baltimore County) announced the creation of the State Park Investment Commission on Friday, which will make recommendations on the need for new parks in “recreational deserts” and whether existing parks are accessible to certain populations such as those who do not have a…

General Assembly 2021: A surprisingly big year in Maryland | COMMENTARY

From overturning Governor Hogan’s blueprint veto and putting the state on a path to higher performing public schools, to dispensing billions of dollars in federal pandemic relief and moving forward with police reform at a particularly opportune moment in this nation’s history, the General Assembly outperformed expectations for even a non-pandemic year. 

Senate President seeks to enhance State Ed. Board to prepare for Blueprint reforms

Senate President Bill Ferguson (D-Baltimore City) presented an emergency bill Thursday that would tighten the qualifications for state school board members so that as a whole, the board must have expertise in: antiracism and equity frameworks to make systemic change possible; students with disabilities; multilingual instruction; programs that enhance socioeconomic and demographic diversity in public…